Health responses



In many health centres and hospitals in South Sudan, undernutrition is a leading cause of death of the TB patients. TB patients died of diseases resulted from undernutrition and lack of knowledge of balanced diets and nutritious foods.
CEF support undernourished patients of TB in South Sudan by providing them with nutritious food to prevent them from contracting diseases resulting from undernutrition. Through the provision of nutritious food, we help TB patients overcome the effects of the disease and recover from the sickness. We also train them on the right nutritious foods to eat because we believe TB patients can bring the knowledge and experiences to their communities on how to protect TB patients from diseases related to undernutrition.



Malaria is a health threat to infants, young children, and pregnant women in South Sudan. Malaria remains endemic in South Sudan, accounting for about 40% of outpatient consultations, 30% of inpatient admissions and 20% of deaths in health facilities. Malaria also contributes to malnutrition in children, which indirectly causes the death of many children under the age of five in South Sudan.
CEF support rural villages to prevent and treat malaria outbreak through the distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets and home-based management of malaria