Schoolchildren have a right to basic WASH facilities such as improved latrine, safe drinking water and hand washing facilities in the schools. When these facilities are available and functioning effectively, children can learn better and bring concepts and practices in respect to sanitation and hygiene back to their families. In many rural villages in South Sudan, Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene are the most causes of variety of diseases affecting the population. Due to poor sanitation and hygiene there is prevalence of diarrheal diseases affecting children and adults. Girls dropped out of schools at the adolescent due to poor sanitation and hygienic environment. We advocate for WASH facilities both in schools and at homes. We conduct hygiene promotion, supply WASH items, and train village health officers on proper disposal of human excreta and importance of handwashing after critical time (after visiting the toilet and before taking food). CEF supplies Dignity kits to schoolgirls in Aweil South